Perspectives is a Services Unknown series which looks to open discussion around key themes and subjects that influences and shape the development of creativity, community and society.

‘Beyond or superseding the importance of truth; pertaining to an era or situation when truth is no longer significant or relevant; usually in a pejorative sense, uncaring of factual accuracy.’

For Services Unknowns first creative showcase, we created a visual exploration into the polarity between perceived truths and factual evidence. This was our view of what is happening in the world through artist escape.

In a time of post truths, nothing can be trusted and everything can be questioned. For all the changes happening  in the world there is a multitude of reactions. These could be real, or they could have been fabricated by us…

Hosted in The 100 Room on The Rooftop of The Ace Hotel London, the space became a creative territory for the pressing topics of now.

Fake news
Content saturation
Culture stagnation
Gender and identity
Political turbulence

Playing with these themes through subjective interpretation, we had the freedom to create a physical space that breeds curiosity and critical thinking, stretching the imagination and eliciting emotional responses from visual cues.

The showcase spanned across various forms of art and media, from graphics, fabrics, animation to photography and sound, with attendees having the opportunity to view, interact and take a piece of the work home.  

With hundreds of people coming together to one space from all corners of the industry and beyond, we sparked conversation, criticism, and a new discourse for the future.