The yearly NBA All-Star Weekend is one of the noisiest moments in the global sport and cultural calendar. The objective was to launch 747 Warehouse St in Los Angeles into the forefront of everyone’s minds through a bold, unapologetic and customisable brand identity and incredible activations that appeal as much to the celebrities and press as it did to consumers.


Superimpose led the creative concept and art direction of a ‘’No Rules’ approach that drove the brand language and visual identity across this competitive period - setting it apart from the usual NBA All-Star Weekend offerings and cementing the legacy of adidas as a creator’s brand.

The anti-corporate aesthetic carried throughout the entire space being adapted for various purposes by multiple stakeholders whilst influencing the underlying attitude.

Mimicking a sticker pack of assets, the experience was created purposefully to allow visual elements to stand alone as well as integrate with each other. Treating graphics and iconography as ‘collectables’, attendees could create their own versions of 747 Warehouse St merchandise and apparel.


Impactful digital projections and visual content appeared on the main stages hosting global artists such as Kid Cudi, Pusha-T and Childish Gambino.


Bespoke 747 Warehouse St branding was adapted for all merch from welcome packs to hoodies and celebrity specials. Customisation stations created with our modular branding allowed attendees to create their own through touch screen monitors, creating personal variations for keeps.

Fresh Produce

Custom print shoes, each cut out of larger graphics and built by robots on the spot, delivered ‘fresh’ produce straight to consumers in an innovative first from the brand.


Branding played an integral role to the main spectacle of the whole weekend. The Hip-Hop East vs West Basketball game. Played on a bespoke court and terraces, with each team of stars sporting their own custom kits.