In the final instalment of a collaboration series between adidas Originals and Pusha T, Superimpose had to elevate the story behind the ‘Bodega Babies’ EQT ADV shoe, drawing inspiration from the product and Pusha T’s coming of age around his local place of importance to create a compelling film.


Taking on the distinct elements of the product and talent, we produced a 2.46 minute video that conveyed realness, exploration and the importance of community. Heavily playing on Pusha T’s experience of life in his early days, it pays tribute to the neighbourhood corner store, a proving ground for growth and evolution, showcasing different people and generations and telling these stories in a different way.

Photography by Ore Okonedo

Beyond the film, we created the overall campaign identity and concept based on NYC Bodegas which applied across title cards, press materials, in-store installations and an exclusive event hosted by Pusha T.

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