Ideation and creative direction for an online experience with standout visual imagery to elevate the new Burberry Rainbow Capsule Collection. Conveying the product in a brave, bold and futuristic way that speaks out to a younger audience.


With noise surrounding the drop of every Burberry collection, Superimpose decided to take the creative in a new direction most luxury brands shy away from. We created visual content to live in a virtual time capsule - a space to revisit, experience the clothing, memories and energy that came with it.

Producing a shoot packed with personality, energy and youthfulness, we then ripped up the rule book of how to showcase premium product by collaging the visuals together in various patterns and textures to create looks that stand out from the crowd.

Going a step further, we developed a bank of 3D assets that showcased the Burberry patterns in a distinct way using rotating fruits and impactful slogans. Another layer was added by creating eye-catching GIFS that combined brand patterns, model movements and 3D assets.

These visuals then layered together into a unique 3D interactive experience that mimicked the the experience of a time capsule in the future - launching a showpiece for Burberry that injected the brand into new audiences through a refreshing new route.