A unique celebration bringing together all four corners of London to land #adidasOriginalsbyStormzy.

Strategy - Concept - Creative Direction - Video Design - Spatial Design - Talent Curation


Define an overarching story, manifesto and activation that cements the official Stormzy and adidas Originals partnership in an authentic and credible way.


Celebrate the real London moments, people and locations that make Stormzy who he is. Some of us hide from our background, Stormzy uses it as his spirit to push forward and make a difference.

It's a point of pride, inspiration and drive.

We'd go to all four corners of London, with surprise community college drop-ins to specially curated lectures, before inviting every student to a surprise immersive 3 hour theatric performance in the evening.

INCLUSIVE, not exclusive

A true day long celebration of London’s creative community curated by Stormzy for adidas Originals.

Crowd, performers and VIP's all together in one uniform.

3M reflective t-shirts designed by Superimpose.

During the evening four local youth groups (Orchestra, BAME Choir, Amateur Dramatics, Dance Collective) were commissioned to re-create iconic Stormzy songs into 10 minute 'acts', each weaved together by a Spoken Word host who would bring to life the Homegrown Spirit concept.

None of these acts were to be announced, each one springing up within the venue through dynamic lighting shifts and bespoke projection content. Each one a complete surprise to the crowd and Stormzy himself.


With the success of the acts, over 800+ local school kids present alongside community groups from Grenfell to local Boxing clubs.

Stormzy stepped out into the crowd to perform the world premiere of a brand new song as a thank you to the community and Londons creative spirit that drives him each day.