adidas Originals by Neighborhood is one of the most revered collaborations on the planet. Superimpose were briefed with creating an eclectic campaign that celebrates the collaboration’s core inspiration of the traditional Japanese Shinsengumi, whilst making it relevant for today's audience.


Rejecting the expected approach of shooting the collection’s inspirations with a nostalgic lens, Superimpose focused on key traits from the Shinsengumi such as the ‘ride or die’ collective attitude they had for each other and their unique way of fusing eastern and western styles.

Bringing these values into the present and pushing into the future, we showcased what the contemporary Shinsengumi looks like by integrating the diverse mix of styles and race that encapsulate the new generation.

Delivered in a visually striking film that heightens the senses and puts the squad mentality at the forefront of the story, we created an accompanying lookbook that elevated the product from a global perspective


The film and photography premiered at a series of launch parties from LA to Tokyo, whilst pop-up stores delivered the product to the consumer ending with the entire collection achieving global sell-out.